Britney Spears addressed fans with an important statement: “I will never return!”

Fans expect literally anything from Britney Spears, but not new hits: the singer released her last track last summer, and then together with another popular artist – rapper And although the pop diva’s fans couldn’t have dreamed of anything more, recently rumors spread across the Internet that a new album is on the way, and Britney is actively looking for musicians and authors to collaborate with.

Against the backdrop of the scandalous book “The Woman in Me,” where Spears exposed everyone she could, such a comeback would be very welcome. However, the singer had no intention of returning anywhere, as she herself later admitted on her personal blog. Moreover, Britney has put an end to her musical career forever and intends to go into the shadows. “I will never return to the music industry! When I write, I write for fun and I write for other people! Over the past two years, I’ve written more than 20 songs for other people… I’m a ghostwriter, and I really love it,” the artist said on Instagram*.

In addition, Britney denied rumors that her memoirs were published illegally and without the knowledge of the singer herself. She denies this fact and assures: those fans who have read the book know enough about it and they definitely shouldn’t believe rumors from the Internet.

Earlier it became known why Britney Spears is in no hurry to reconcile with her mother.

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