How Brad Pitt broke Aniston’s heart and lost the respect of his children.

Two Oscars, millions in the bank account, many iconic roles and the status of an eligible Hollywood bachelor. It would seem, what else can you dream of? However, Brad Pitt’s personal life is not nearly as rosy as his career. After all, over his 60 years, the actor managed to break many hearts. We’re not just talking about Jennifer Aniston, but even about the celebrity’s children. Details in the next few minutes in our material.

Personal life of Brad Pitt

William Bradley Pitt was born into a religious family of a manager and a teacher. During his school years, the guy was fond of sports and the music section. When the time came to choose an occupation for his whole life, the young man decided to study journalism and advertising. True, having received his diploma, he decided to conquer Hollywood rather than work in his profession.

It seemed like this idea was a failure from the start. After all, before the agents noticed him, Pitt had the opportunity to work as a loader, a driver, and even a barker for a restaurant chain. Nevertheless, the future Oscar winner did not lose hope and even shortened his name to something more sonorous and familiar to us today. And, fortunately, luck smiled on him. The ascent to the Hollywood Olympus has begun.

The young man did not have time to properly declare himself in the world of cinema, as he had already started his first novels. This is where Brad Pitt’s personal life begins, which is full of both light intrigue and broken hearts. After all, already during the filming of the film “Dallas” he became fascinated by his colleague Shalane McCall. True, the girl was only 17, and therefore the actor does not officially recognize this relationship to this day. Besides, with the end of filming, all the love ended.

And having noticed the singer Sinita’s performance on television, young Pitt immediately asked his agent to arrange a meeting with the beauty. It is curious that their romance lasted for two years. Alas, nothing serious came of this. And Brad’s next beloved was already languishing in line, his colleague on the set of “Head of the Class,” Robin Givens.

First time broken heart

It is worth noting that this relationship can hardly be called serious. You see, Robin was married to boxer Mike Tyson. And if rumors are to be believed, the athlete even caught the lovers red-handed. True, it is not entirely clear how Pitt was able to survive after this.

Nevertheless, in the same 1989, Jill Schoelen burst into Brad’s arms. The young people met on the set of “Skipping Classes.” And it was with her that the actor first thought about marriage, making a marriage proposal. Unfortunately for Pitt, this time it was his heart that was broken. So, three months later, Schoelen fell in love with someone else and broke off the engagement.

By the way, Juliette Lewis, with whom he played in the film “Dying Young” in 1990, helped the man heal his faith in love. For 4 whole years they enjoyed each other’s embrace, when suddenly all the romance disappeared. Pitt continued his rise in Hollywood, but Lewis, on the contrary, fell into depression and even became addicted to illegal substances.

However, Brad did not have time to ponder the fate of his ex. He had just played a married couple with Gwyneth Paltrow in the film “Seven” and was even going to tie the knot with a blonde. But in 1997, to the surprise of fans, the lovers announced their separation. Paltrow herself subsequently explained their breakup by saying that she was not good enough for Pitt.

Martyr and homewrecker

What’s curious is that at some point Brad Pitt’s personal life became of interest to his agent. Considering it his duty to take care of the affairs of his ward’s heart, he arranged for him to go on a blind date with Jennifer Aniston . And the agent clearly made the right decision. After all, the actors literally could not part, drowning in the pheromones of love. After a year of relationship, an engagement followed right during a Sting concert.

And in 2000, celebrities had a wedding in Malibu on an enviable scale. It would seem that the main breaker of women’s hearts has finally calmed down and found the one. But, as you know, in 2004, filming began on the blockbuster Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Together with them, an affair with Angelina Jolie began.

Whatever feelings motivated the performers of the main roles of the above-mentioned film, the public immediately called Aniston a martyr and Jolie a homewrecker. And if the first one managed to get out of depression thanks to a psychologist, the second one completely delved into the relationship. And there was no end to the work. And with every action of Pitt, people believed more and more in the seriousness of the novel.

After all, he immediately adopted Maddox without any questions asked. Then Zahara appeared in their family. Shiloh was later born and Pax was adopted. The last to be born, as you probably know, were the twins Knox and Vivienne. However, the star parents did not rush into marriage. Only in 2014 did they enter into an official alliance. Alas, this did not add happiness to them in any way.

Scandal and divorce

As soon as the wedding ended and the belated guests left, insiders started talking about Angelina’s mental instability. It’s no secret that at that moment Jolie was taking care of her own health due to a predisposition to cancer. At the same time, she was criticized for the excessive freedom given to children. Brad also did not seem to share his wife’s views. But, as it soon becomes clear, he was not a saint either.

You see, Pitt had a serious problem with alcohol. What can we say, once he even got into a fight with Maddox while under the influence of the green serpent. Rumor has it that this conflict was the main reason for the divorce. The actor himself has done a lot of work on himself since then. “I’m glad it’s behind me. I had to face my weaknesses and failures.“

In the spring of 2019, Brad Pitt’s personal life returned to its bachelor rhythm. But the proceedings with the ex-wife were far from the finish line. After all, Jolie was not going to allow her ex to see the children. Frankly speaking, not all children wanted to communicate with the star father. For example, the man never made peace with Maddox. Together with him, Zahara and Pax wished to abandon the surname Pitt .

Only in the summer of 2023 were all the questions finally left behind. And now Brad could not only see his heirs, but also even receive 250 million compensation for the sold Chateau Miraval vineyard.

New relationships

Since Pitt became a bachelor again, journalists began to keep their finger on the pulse in order to be the first to report on the actor’s new chosen one. Ironically, the desire to grab the hottest news led to the spread of ordinary gossip. You probably already guess that we are talking about the alleged reunion of Brad and Jennifer Aniston. True, against this background, there were also those who believed in the man’s affair with Charlize Theron.

In fact, the star of Hollywood blockbusters decided to have an affair with model Nicole Poturalski. Nothing serious came of the holiday romance with a married lady. That’s why Pitt was soon spotted with actress Andra Day. Interestingly, Brad began a serious relationship not with her at all, but with fitness trainer Ines de Ramon. And it seems that this time everything is going like clockwork. For now, we can only guess what will come of it.

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