What do the children of an unusual couple look like – Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas.

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently flaunted her children with Michael Douglas, as was well reported.The reason for this was, of course, the Christmas season.However, celebrities_rarely_post_video of their heirs.In a few minutes, you’ll learn what they look like today and where the Hollywood stars spent their family vacation.

Happy spouses and parents

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been a happy husband and wife since November 2000.Furthermore, the performers had already been dating for two years at the time.What else can we say, Dylan, the couple’s first child, was born on August 8, 2000.Caris, their daughter, was born three years later.


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Despite a 25-year age gap and Katherine’s health issues, the couple was able to wipe the noses of all jealous people and naysayers.After all, as you can see, they lived together for the entire 25 years.Of course, celebrities can be referred to as deserving parents who have nurtured and reared a wonderful son and daughter.By the way, the latter chose only the best from their outstanding parents.

Will they, however, carry on the cinematic legacy of celebrities?There are, in fact, multiple nuances here.As a result, Dylan is uninterested in the world of film.The 23-year-old is more interested in music.He plans to conquer listeners from all over the world with her.Simultaneously, in his spare time, the young man actively travels, visiting unknown nations.

Catherine Zeta-Jones showed off her children

Caris, for example, has already established herself in the world of modeling.For example, during New York Fashion Week, the girl performed at the Michael Kors show.Furthermore, the young beauty’s resume includes Versace and Chanel.At the same time, Michael Douglas’s daughter is interested in working in television.True, it cannot yet boast of popular initiatives.


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It’s odd that, despite their descendants‘ brilliance, celebrity spouses rarely share their photos.All the more shocking is the fact that Catherine Zeta-Jones recently flaunted her children and husband during their Christmas_family_vacation.Celebrities, by the way, celebrated_the_holiday in India.

So, for a trip in a hot climate, Michael Douglas wore a white sleeveless shirt and dark trousers.His ensemble was completed by a cap and sunglasses.The actress’s wife chose light colors and wore a top, pants, and a shirt.Katherine also wore a hat and dark glasses to protect herself from the sun.Caris opted_to_dress in the style of her father.Dylan, on the other hand, loved_dark_colors.

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