The paparazzi again caught Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck during an argument: what happened this time

The video in which Ben Affleck, with the most dissatisfied expression on his face, sharply slams the car door behind Jennifer Lopez, went viral and became a real meme . And while Internet users are amused by the regular public quarrels of the Hollywood couple, true fans of Ben and Jennifer are sounding the alarm. The fact is that the footage of happy spouses is gradually becoming noticeably smaller than those in which they are quarreling. So, on December 31, the paparazzi again caught the hot couple engaged in heated public discussions.

On New Year’s Eve, Ben and Jennifer went to the Bulgari boutique to, apparently, choose a gift for the actress for the Christmas tree. However, shopping together drove Affleck crazy. The Daily Mail writes about this. Ben helped his wife try on expensive jewelry and even take selfies with them, but then something clearly angered him. In the footage that the paparazzi managed to take, the actor, while talking with his wife, looks unhappy and emotionally waves his arms. It seems that these pictures may well become a new meme.

What happened between Jennifer and Ben is anyone’s guess. But there is no need to worry too much about their relationship: according to the Daily Mail, the couple quickly reconciled. They kissed each other tenderly, hugged each other and went on to wander around the shops.

We are sure that the relationship between Jennifer and Ben will be stronger than any gold jewelry. And the reason for the minute quarrel, which was caught by photographers, was probably the exhausting shopping. Long walks to the shops, especially on holidays, can unsettle any man.

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